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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Cala Medina


After almost 4 years doing silent business ON9, now I'm  ready to  sharing with you our online Business

I was too busy with works sampai lupa nak promote page business baju kami. Let me introduce our first baby (not so baby), because its already 4 years old kot. But I must treat it like a baby, because we are still fresh, new and definitely baby! ..haha

Founded was me(asmida) and Norazizah

How old?
We're started on end of 2010, like I said, its about 4 years old.Since I study master until I dah keje hampir setahun lebih  di JB.So I think this year this business page will turns to 5 years. Alhamdulilah

What Business?
We're selling and focusing on  women clothes (Palazo, dress, denim jacket, Top, baju kurung, jubah, T-shirt ,cardigan and many more)

Why Cala Medina IG?
Cala adalah Istana 
Medina adalah kota Madinah
IG refer to instagram
Nama adalah hasil buah fikiran I dengan my friend Norazizah.Then a month after tu I realized ramai  yang use nama medina as their baby name,page business name,but definitely apa yang penting kami tak cedok nama siapa-siapa pun.

Silent Business?
In 3 years back we're doing silent business. No one knows we are the admin of Cala Medina page, even our close friends.

Why Now?
Doing business is such an inspiring and interesting things, Nobody encouraged us, but seeing all of our customer happy to get their own new clothes with a very affordable price that we can gave , It's seem that we are helping so many people out there.

We seek only the best women collections for you with affordable Price

Instagram: @cala_medina @cala_medina @cala_ medina

Please support us and like our page
Thank You :)

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