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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Trip to BFF Wedding from JB to Seremban-KLIA-Langkawi-LCCT-Sabak Bernam (7-9/3/2014)

Salam semua

Last week got trip to Langkawi.Its such a tiring week  but afterall I was so grateful.Thank You Allah , husband, Kak Zi & Shafiq for made by trip to Kak Aisyah & Anis Wedding like dream come true :)

Kak Aisyah Wedding - 8/3/2014
Place: Langkawi

Anis Wedding-9/3/2014
Place: Sabak Bernam

So how we are planning? (We refer to me & Husband)

At first I rasa macam dah give up dah nak attend wedding dorang yang tersayang di atas, tapi come out jugak with two Plan.

Here is the Plan A:

9/3/2014 (Sunday)- Attend wedding anis sahaja
15/3/2014: Attend wedding Kak Aisyah ( Groom side) Alor Setar

Plan B:
7/3/2014 (Friday)- Apply leave -Fly to Langkawi-Attend Nikah Ceremony
8/3/2014 (Saturday)-Attend Wedding Kak Aiyah-Back to KL
9/3/2014(Sunday)-Attend wedding Anis at Sabak Bernam

Gegeh tak you all Plan B ni, Plan A yang memang I have confidence to do but mungkin renyah sikit la kan, but Plan B such an impossible plan to make it.Luckily my husband gave 100% support. Bagi Kepercayaan to achive my mission to attend both wedding at the same week and the things yang I lagi rasa confidence Because Kak Zi & Shafiq already in Langkawi from wednesday(4/3/2014)

As usual, I'm scared & hate to travel alone, But I know I have the courage to do and have to.That's the thing yang I believe. Just imagine pergi KLIA pun tak pernah......haha..So Ticket Done booking by my husband with MAS & Air Asia (both wing seat).hahha

So Here is the Trip Began
6/3/2014 (Thursday)-Back to work-Took Bus to Seremban (9.00pm)-Stay One Nyte at My Sister House
7/3/2014 (Friday)- Took Taxi from Seremban to KLIA-Fly to Langakwi at 2.20 pm-
8/3/2014(Saturday)-Attend wedding Kak Aisyah-Back to KL (Air Asia, 7.05 pm)
9/3/2014(Sunday)-Attend Anis Wedding at Sabak Bernam-Back to JB(6.00 pm)
Nampak tak?? Everything goes with the plan rite? Alahamdulilah

I know picture talk louder than words
So nah..:P
Excited owhk, tak boleh tido langsung dalam Flight time nie.:) Memory hp Full because amik gambar Awan sahaja :)

Get Ready to attend Majlis Akad Nikah Kak Aisyah.I knew that time ni Kak Aisyah memang berdebar gile.............
Here is Kak Zi, Mak Buyong yang sangat Gegeh. Time ni genap Six month kandungan.Respect :)
Finally A'aisha & Muslim disatukan..Maaf Quality gambar  agak gelap sedikit..
At Langkawi Airport, Fly back to KL....Time ni berdebar nak jumpa suami pulak sebab dia dah sampai KL &  tunggu kat LCCT :)

Attend wedding Anis & Faiz at Sabak Bernam...
Before balik marilah kita mengambil tu kan  nak sama..ek :P

yeah..banyak lagi nak story about the trip tau .Tapi i guess it's enough :)

Thank You
Sudi baca sampai habis


  1. he he he..
    As & husband bergambo suke "formal2" ea? sensorang bestt & very challeging kan..:)

  2. hahha..Nza...tu la..gmbar doodle pun formal..captain sgt.!!! haha