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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Any Progress? + Wedding Cake Survey

Lama tak hupdate,There have no big progress in our wedding besides that we had done HIV Test and prepared invitation card, But invitation Card we not request for printing yet.

So what can I do is waiting after PRU 13, Then I hope everything will run smoothly.Really hope for miracle. InshaAllah

So its owhk. Believe in Allah, When he said this is the time, He will give you no wonder hard you think you can get it.

So Chill out owhk: Now nak Review Designed for Cake Kawen !!

Actually memang I rasa terkejut tahap apa nth, Just received this message from the Cake Supplier

 This Cake around RM550 eh.Adoi..(Same harga dengan  kad jemputan kami)

 Kalau yang di je dah dekat RM 5++, yang designed idaman di bawah ini apatah lagi kan

So I think I kena survey betul-betul kek Kawen ni, takut Over Budget nanti..!!
Tolong Tinggal lagi 66 Days................
 Sumber: Hencik Google

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