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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Our Progress Wedding in end Jan 2013

Even majlis boleh dikatakan lama lagi,Tapi I memng tak boleh duduk diam untuk think for the best for our wedding.So, AlhamdulilAllah .Thank You Allah.Dalam kerisauan yang teramat sangat sebab belum dapat any interview call and good respond for any vacancies, a few things that we target to plan in the end of january was settled.Thank You Hencik Captain yang banyak membantu......

This is the things that we manged to settle it:
Button Badge+Design for TQ tag+Label in Dewan+Proops for candy Booth and PhotoBooth+Design for Button+Sticker yassin Design+Banner+Wedding Card+ Bunting=All Done!!


Button Badge:
For the Button Badge I plan to DIY by myself.So I searching and I found Sis Suria blog on How to DIY button Badge.So I apa lagi terus email suria macama mana nak dapatkan button badge kosong.After one day she replied my email and next after day we discussed,  I got the button badge from her.Luckily her sister keje kat area giant Shah Alam.So memang I excited, I terus deal with her sister.Dah jimat kan.Sebab no postage!!

Button kosong: 40 Pieces : RM 24
For those yang nak DIY macam I button badge and tak tahu nak beli kata mana.Boleh pm sis suria kat sini was easy going person.TQ Sis.:)

Proops for Candy Buffet and  Photo Booth

Proops tak ada banyak sangat.I just plan to buy  a frame for  signage .So we buy at U8 space mall.Three frame with different kind of materials and one clip to hang our  picture in the photoBooth.So I just imagined our Candy and Photobooth will be like this kot: 

Wedding Card+ Bunting
Actually  for wedding card we already have our designer and put  a trust for them to design.So for wedding card we want to make it like Farid Kamil and Diana wedding card.But after we got draft, we was not satisfied with it.So we decided to  changes and designed our wedding card by ourself.

We Changed This to This

Bunting pun dah siap designed....:-)

Lagi nak Rewiew apa ea..:-) 
will be update owhk..:) Tq sudi baca

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