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Sunday, 23 December 2012

End 2012??? OH N0


Lama Sangat tak Hupdate.....bermakna there nothing progress about our wedding preparations.Sorry...and Sorry....

Honestly..We already prepared things here and there to complete if before end of this year,but we can not moving on now as so many things comes and go....

Hencik Captain will be on leave this coming week before get ready for his courses. (A very tactical courses I guest) and its take for 3 month !! (7/1/2013-29/3/2013).I hopes before his attend courses we will settle a few things that we already plan and promised to settle down.May Allah will easier our wedding journey....InsyAllah.

Here is the Check List:
1.  Catering.There have a few caterer  yang we already survey but we did;t finalized yet:

Dzan Catering (Kampung Bintang) Batu Pahat
Orchid Catering  (Jalan Tukas Batu Pahat)
Mahawangsa Catering (Parit Besar Batu Pahat)

I think I need to call each of them and make an appointment before end of this week.

2.For the Photographer
I found two photographer that offered such a beautiful  works and the important things  is  in reasonable price.We will catch up and try to contact them

3. Hantaran
Hantaran we all plan nak beli this coming week,but I guest not all.......Takut lari budget..

4. Homestay vs Hotel
This for our tetamu VIP and our families...

Until then..I think..better I stop here.Later I will update.Pray for us..

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