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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Our Finalized Theme for Engagement for Mr B2b

Since that HC busy dengan working life environment i decided nak tolong survey and helpping him all out in preparing our E-day...


Last 3 days hari tu ada tanya HC nak theme warna apa for the E-day.And suprisingly  without thinking so long he give me this combination of Color:
I tahu dia memang minat gurl yang pakai baju warna pink.Nampak ladies and sweat kot..Even I bukanlah pengemar warna pink  tapi still boleh layan if ada combination color yang menarik macam di atas itu owhk.:-)

Purple + Pink + White
My Suggestion Color pada HC

Looks very different and interesting rite, .Before this I never thought that this kind combination of 3 color  pink ,purple and blue  can become a great friends also.

Pink + Purple + Blue 

Actually both of color I suka sangat
Whatever pun kena tanya HC dia minat yang mana
Will be Update to you later 

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