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Monday, 14 May 2012

A day to Remembrance:15 Mei 2012

Salam.It is  a long time to not Hupdate this Bride to Be Journey
Today is A day to Remembrance:15 Mei 2012

Date: 15/Mei /1948
Day To Remember: Nakbah Day in Palestine
Reason: Where Israel laknatullah was declared as a state.The Palestinians have been suffering for more than 64 years .May Allah Give Palestine a Strength and Courage towards them.Lets Pray for Palestinians.Spread some love and care  of us to them by Changed our Default Picture in our FB or so on...

Date:15 May 1987
Day To Remember: A date of Birth of Him
Wish: Salam Hari Lahir awak.I am so glad and grateful to Allah for giving you in My life .May our Relationship become stronger and Bless.May Allah bless and easiest your life Dunia and Akhirat.No present,No Celebration,No Promises and also No words can describe that I'm really appreciate you in my life.But only Du'a that I can promise for you.

Until Then,Thank You Allah ,Thank you Love..

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  1. assalammualaikum my love...really appriciate you love to me.....untill now i'm feel so unbelievable that u will approve my love...hope our love will reamin forever....