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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review First Blog: Kina and Sharifuddin (Pre-Wedding)

Pre Wedding perlu ke??

Some of the people might think that pre -wed its just a west culture. 

For me tak salah kan  kalau nak buat pre-wed if we tahu  batas-batasnya nanti.Honestly ,I and HC doesn't talk and discuss much about  the pre-wed.

But again its just a plan.I plan to put the photoshoot pre-wed on the our banner wedding nanti. 

Since that we are busy in our life as students and he as a military officer,so i hope that if we can make it,we just make as simple and sweet as can.InsyAllah..

So this is Shakina and Sharifuddin Pre-Wedding photoshoot:
So this is all the props......(^_^)
Cakap-Cakap dalm tin je..(^_^)
Will U Marry Me ??

I Do..I Do..
Awak tetiba Saya teringat Bear awak bagi kat saya....(^_^)

Pre-Wedding (Awak Nak tengok Lagi..Klik Sini)

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