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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Randomly Review :Intan Norazam

Done Review Shakina and Sharifudin Blog.

 Im trying to search others bride to be blog yang super awesome but look simple and sweet.Tapi tak jumpa yang macam Kina bride to be blog.

Next,I decided to review only a few things about their preparation of  E-day and Wedding yang I thought can inspired us soon.InsyAllah

Owner :Intan Norazam Abdul Latif
Background: Work as Arcitecture.Married with navy
Wedding Day:-
Comment: One of the Simple but really memorable wedding day that can inspired us.

Bunga tangan tu ,handmade.Buat guna kain je.sangatlah awesome

Sword Barrel..(^_^)

Pelamin pun Kak intan buat sendiri (kagum sekejap)
Result memang super awesomekan

Bila I Review Blog intan Norazam yang memang awesome ni so terjumpa doily paper for wedding card

Blog ni antara yang I suka review,Sebab almost wedding day intan come out from her idea.So im impressed with her.

Will be Continue Owhk (^_^)

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