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Monday, 30 January 2012

Review First Blog: Kina and Sharifuddin (E-Day)

Since that we dont have  any idea to come out in our e-day and walimah .I was decided to make a review in a few blog that had really awesome day during their journey of bride to be.

Title  Blog:  A Journey of Bride (Klik Sini)
Owner : by Shakinah Binti Syarhan
Background: Work in a Ministry of Health and her husband is engineer.So when Scientist meet Engineers
Wedding Day: 1/1/2011
Comment: One of the Simple but really memorable wedding day that can inspired us.

1. E-Day 

Their Theme: Peach

First things that I want to review is her dress during E-day.So baju sangat nice and simple.

Material Baju
4 meter chiffon - beli di tingkat 4,Jakel,Masjid India
4 meter chiffon lining - beli di tingkat 4,Jakel Masjid India
30++ batu swazoski - beli di tingkat 1,Plaza GM

Total Kos
approx RM250

Second will be the tudung.Tudung agak labuh dan simple.No manik-manik.Tudung Handmade wow!!>>(^_^) Kagum sekejap


 Kertas keras sikit dari A4
So this is the result: She put a veil (selendang ) enclosed  with the tudung.For me sangat nice.Make up pun santek.

Barang Hantaran 5 balas 7 je awak

 Here List hantaran of them:

 Hantaran 5 Dulang (From Sharifuddin to Shakina)  Warna : Hitam silver
  1. Cincin pertunangan (Beli bulan disember orang kata ada diskaun).(So HC Disember nanti boleh start cari cincin E-day kita ek.
  2. Kain akad nikah(untuk dipakai masa nikah)
  3. Handbag
  4. Kasut (untuk dipakai masa nikah)
  5. Cupcake

Hantaran 7 Dulang (From Shakina to Sharifuddin) Warna: Peach + Putih
  1. Kain baju melayu + samping (untuk dipakai masa nikah)
  2. Kasut (untuk dipakai masa nikah)
  3. Kemeja
  4. Kek
  5. Fruit Basket
  6. Coklat
  7. Sirih Junjung 
Last but not least nak review ini.Bunga Tangan Ferero Rocher ni pun very interesting rite.Handmade jugak...(*_*)
Ok done with E-day review Kina and Sharifuddin: Sangat  Simple but I guess its really  sweet dat they ever had.No more mini pelamin owhk (*_*)

 Next their Pre Wedding: Will be Continue...

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